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Serve your guests vegan party treats:

Nowadays, all aspects of a vegan lifestyle are covered by products that specifically cater to the vegan segment of the market, down to celebrating events. When herbivores desire to throw a party for themselves or for their kids, they benefit from a plethora of offerings of vegan party snacks.

The same is true for consumers who have traditionally suffered from food allergies or various intolerances, such as sensitivity to wheat products. These customers have at their disposable a wide array of gluten free party snacks, easily obtainable online, at health food stores, and in many conventional supermarkets with well-stocked, gluten-free sections.

Availing oneself of this encouragingly wide array of products will ensure that when one throws a party, no visitor will be left behind. Incidentally, it will indicate to guests that the host likely cares about their health and wellbeing.


No gluten or dairy, and no one is excluded          

No gluten? No dairy? No problem. Party hosts who wish to ensure that no visitor feels excluded can easily include vegan party snacks, gluten free party snacks, and other arrangements that can address food sensitivities that are common nowadays.

Hosts can set up separate tables, for instance, for kids with peanut allergies, where the former can lay out snacks that have been produced in facilities that never process peanuts. In some cases, kids with peanut allergies may face a mortal danger from even minute exposure to peanuts or foods that are derived from peanuts.

This considerate treatment of visiting kids (or adults) will turn any party into an inclusive, happy event.

At Plantraw™ we produce several snacks and desserts that meet such special needs.

Our gluten-free Raw Crisps™ crackers are a perfect example. They come in eight different flavors, which are produced in our own facility, where we don’t process any gluten-containing products. Nor do we process any peanuts or most other officially-recognized allergens.

Our crackers are made of sprouted almonds and seeds, which renders them nutritionally dense, with high fiber content, ample Omega-3 fatty acids, and plant-based proteins that contain all amino acids, including the essential ones. Thus, in addition to meeting common gluten-free needs, our crackers make for an excellent option for what by now has become conventional vegan party snacks.

Finger food and desserts - essential for a good evening

Hors d’oeuvres and desserts are often the culinary highlights of an evening, leaving the main dinner that is served in between in a gustatorial doldrum.

Any dinner organizer interested in making the evening anywhere near special would not go without hors d’oeuvres and desserts. Hosts interested in serving healthful alternatives enjoy a smorgasbord of natural options, options that would also meet the needs of visitors with special food needs, ensuring that no visitor will feel left out.

The offerings by Plantraw™ are as delectable as any non-healthy option out there. Our gluten-free Raw Crisps™ crackers come in eight different flavors, representing different regional cuisines and plant combinations, each providing a peerless savory experience.

Made of sprouted almonds and seeds, our crackers make for a nutritiously-dense basis upon which to build fantastic finger foods for the evening. They can be paired with different vegan spreads and non-dairy cheeses, and topped with fresh sprouts or veggies that are cut into enticing shapes.

One of our cracker flavors is sweet rather that savory—the Mango Raw Crisps™. This cracker can be combined with vegan creams and fruits to make for an unparalleled dessert. It can also be paired with our Cocoa-Date Truffles.

Our different Ice Crage™ flavors (our vegan ice cream alternative) can form the basis for a variety of frozen desserts that are both vegan and creamy. They are perfectly suitable for vegans who like to opt for a creamy option rather than for another sorbet.

Our Ice Crage™ can also be served as a cold mousse, which can then be topped with different fruits, according to the underlying flavors, making for an exceptional dessert.

And, of course, the big advantage of choosing a Plantraw™ product is that one will never be serving any refined sugars or carbs. All our snacks and desserts are sweetened with whole organic dates, and sometimes with additional fruits, like mango, pomegranate and blueberries.


Take your host skills to a new level!

 Striving to be an excellent host necessarily means leaving no guest out of the culinary experience. Excellence in hosting also means serving foods that don’t detract from guests’ health, but rather enhance their natural-food experience without detracting from their enjoyment of the dishes.

With the growing prevalence of food sensitivity issues and voluntary healthy lifestyle choices, it behooves party hosts to prepare vegan party snacks and gluten free party snacks that are delectable, ensuring that a party is all inclusive, healthy, and memorable.

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