We craft excellently-flavored, unique, wholesome snacks out of veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

NO empty calories, NO added sugar, NO refined carbs, and
NO glucose spikers like honey and syrups.

Our products are organic, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, and grain-free. These natural snacks--granolas, truffles, crackers, and chips--are either totally raw or dehydrated, to preserve their nutritional values.

Using the highest-quality, clean ingredients, we compromise on neither taste nor nutrition.

Praise From Customers

"Just curious if there is a timeline when the Cocoa-Date Truffles - Dark will be available again? I'm in love with them."
B.Y. (via Plantraw.com's contact page, after the truffles were sold out again.)

"Thank you for the wonderful Tomato Onion chips. First time I tried your product and was so excited how delicious and low carb they were!"
L.G. (via Plantraw.com's contact page)

"Oh My God!!! Everything is so Good!!!! I love it ! "
C.J. (via social media)

"...it was SO good 😍😍😍...
Huge fan, I crave the crisps all the time 😍"
A.X. (via social media)

"I love it so so much!!!!!"
A.M., (via social media)

"Oh my gosh!! Excellent product!!! I love the crackers and the truffles equally."
Delightfully Salted (via social media)

"Pretty much devoured it... I'm impressed with everything I tasted..."
C.L. (via social media)

"HUGE fan!! I'm very conscientious of what I put in my body so to find products that taste amazing while also being super healthy is awesome."
Mabel C., Nashville, TN

"I just tried the Raw Crisps Original and they are amazing!"
G.B. (via social media)

"These are delicious!"
B.J. (via social media)

"They are really good!"
A.D. (via social media)

"Holy moly they are amazing!"
C.K.B. (via social media)

"OMG! Everything I tried was so good. I had to hide them from my husband 😆."
S.L.M. (via social media)

"Both the dates and crisps are absolutely delicious!"
T.S. (via social media)
"I LOVE your products.
Cocoa date truffles are such a delicious little treat when I’m craving chocolate... Raw crisp crackers are delicious, I love them with a little bit of hummus or plain."

F.U. (via email)

"The cocoa truffles with coconut on them are delicious, my son keeps stealing them.... mom tested, kid approved."
F.P.U. (via social media)

"I have a background in nutrition and I appreciate finding this company."
A.E. (via social media)

"These are sooo good!"
R.O. (via social media)

"...perfect little chocolate balls of joy. Clean ingredients, sweet taste but not overwhelming, and texture like cake. I spend a lot of money buying high quality chocolate treats, and these take the crown, easily. I've spent well over $100 in about a month on 3 different orders and I plan to order again soon. My loves in life are my wife, my kids, and these dark cocoa date balls." 
Brent Y. (via email)

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