Losing Weight Should NOT be your goal!

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Your goal should be healthy living. Weight loss is a side effect of a healthier lifestyle, which consists primarily of four factors: Good nutrition, exercise, sound sleep and stress avoidance.[1] [2]

Dieting and starving oneself are not a long-term solution to managing weight. Severe restriction of food intake deprives cells of the crucial tools they need to keep the body well-functioning. These tools are vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients that the body needs in order to fight off disease, maintain hormonal balance, run the digestive system, keep the cardiovascular system pumping, enable good brain functioning, and otherwise manage millions of other tasks throughout the body every second of the day.

Moreover, once dieters relax their drastic measures, they gain back all the weight they lost and then some.

Nutrition, physical activity, sufficient sleep and stress avoidance are paramount. In this blog we'll get into the weeds of health issues and habits, with tons of useful tips and manageable steps toward a wholesome, healthy, enjoyable life.

As people focus on their health, they incidentally start noticing that they are losing weight; but the focus should always remain on one’s overall health.

A perfect example is severe dieting after consuming refined carbs. An overall secession of eating only drives the body into starvation mode and caloric conservation, making the shedding of every calorie an increasing struggle. When “normal” feeding resumes the body then holds onto every calorie tenaciously, in preparation for the next starvation episode.

A healthier approach is replacing empty carbs with nutritionally-dense foods, which both satiate and contribute to the body’s store of nutrients. A gradual transition to real foods will help in breaking the addiction to refined carbs. Refined flour and sugar not only provide instant gratification, but also induce further cravings, similar to, and according to some studies more intensely than, illicit drugs.

To smooth out this path of transition, we, at Plantraw™, have crafted nutritious snacks that can easily knock any processed sweet out of one’s diet, replacing it with delicious satisfaction without any harm. Plantraw's products have been compared to some of the tastiest snacks out there, yet they are rich in fiber and micronutrients, contain no added sugar, and satiate as they nourish.

But this is only part of the solution. A whole lifestyle has to be modified, and in our blog and newsletter we’ll illuminate the path.


[1] In this blog we assume that you are not suffering from underlying conditions which may prevent you attaining a healthier way of life. Such conditions may be related to endocrine dysfunction, gut dysbiosis, and more. 

[2]  According to the NIH's National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK), these three factors "may help you reach and maintain a weight that suits you."

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