Keto Kale Chips: Health Benefits and Nutrition

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Did you know that more than 5% of people in the United States and Canada follow the ketogenic diet? The keto diet is currently one of the most popular diet trends around. It is also one of the most effective and, in general, it is quite healthy compared to other more traditional diets. 

But what about the snack situation? Many store-bought snacks are filled with carbs that you can't eat if you're following the keto diet. Fortunately, keto kale chips exist. 

They have all the crunch and taste of traditional snacks but without any of the carbs or excess fats. They also come with plenty of health benefits due to the healthy ingredients that they have in store. Keep reading and learn more about the keto diet and how keto chips can benefit you.


What You Need to Know About the Keto Diet

Before we dive into all the benefits and nutrients that keto kale chips have to offer, you should first know exactly what the keto diet is all about. Most diets focus on restricting your calorie intake in some way in an attempt to lose weight, but this is not the case with the keto diet. The keto diet instead focuses on what kind of foods you should eat. 

In particular, the keto diet emphasizes the importance of protein and fat. At the same time, the core of this diet is reducing your carb intake. You might think that eating more fat is bad for your weight loss and health goals, but this is not quite true. 

By eating mainly protein and fat, your body will enter a unique metabolic state known as ketosis. During this time, your body will become extra efficient at burning calories. As a result, it will be very easy to lose weight and your body won't be compelled to store food as body fat. 

Many people eat more carbs than they realize and that's why they gain weight even if they don't mean to. Carbs are in all sorts of things such as noodles, potatoes, rice, certain types of fruit, and more. It can seem impossible to avoid carbs since they're in most types of food that people eat on a regular basis. 

The Details

Having a small portion of carbs every day is not a bad thing. In fact, it is essential for keeping your body healthy. The keto diet does not advocate completely cutting carbs out of your diet, but you should limit them so you only consume a few grams of carbs every day. This is important because the human body naturally likes to store carbs in the body in the form of fat. 

If you cut down on your consumption of carbs, your body won't have any excess carbs to turn into fat. This, of course, will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. More than that, there is some evidence that the keto diet can help prevent certain health conditions like diabetes and certain types of cancer. 

The keto diet is also very healthy for your heart. But how should you go about following the keto diet? Keto chip snacks are a great place to start.

What Are Keto Kale Chips Exactly?

Preparing keto meals for yourself might not be that hard, but finding tasty keto snacks is a different story. You will find that the majority of snacks at most grocery stores are filled with carbs. For example, potato chips and pretzels are two very popular types of snacks and they are both rich in carbs. 

Does this mean you have to go without snacking as long as you're on the keto diet? Not at all! All you need to do is find the right kind of snacks to fit your diet. 

It can be hard to find keto snacks that are actually tasty, and that's why keto kale chips from Plantraw are such a good choice. Not only do these keto snacks taste good but they are also made from healthy ingredients. This is important because many other brands of keto snacks resort to using artificial or otherwise unhealthy ingredients to enhance the flavor of the food in some way. 

You don't have to worry about that problem when you buy Plantraw keto kale chips. These chips are made from all-natural and organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are those that have not been exposed to any harmful pesticides or other chemicals during the growth and production of those ingredients. 

Another benefit is that these chips are also free of gluten. This is important for those who have gluten allergies or sensitivities. A person with a gluten allergy could have severe stomach trouble after eating anything with even a small bit of gluten, and unfortunately, many snacks do contain some amount of gluten. 

Gluten-free and Low Carb Chips

But with keto kale chips, you won't have to worry about that problem even if you have the most extreme sensitivity to gluten. This is because these chips are completely free of any grain, so there is no chance that gluten would be able to form. Also, because there is no grain of any kind in these chips, the total number of carbs in the chips is very low. 

In particular, you will only consume around 8.8 grams of carbs per serving size of these chips. This is only 3% of your total recommended daily intake of carbs. This is very low compared to most other traditional snacks that may have several dozen carbs in a very small serving size. 

This means that you can enjoy these snacks to your heart's content. However, it is still recommended that you consume only the recommended serving size, which is around 21 kale chips.

If you eat more, there is a chance that the ingredients could cause a laxative effect. 

However, you shouldn't have to worry about going beyond the recommended serving size since these snacks are quite filling and you might feel satiated after eating only a few chips. But the benefits of these keto kale chips don't stop there. 

Other Benefits of Keto Kale Chips

Another benefit of these chips is that, of course, they are rich in kale. You might know that kale is supposed to be healthy for you, but you might not know why. Kale is a dark, leafy green much like spinach and other similar vegetables. 

Many people know that leafy greens are healthy for them but still don't bother to eat them. This is because, after all, kale doesn't have much flavor on its own. Even if you add it to a salad or a sandwich, it still won't have much flavor and you might not find it very enjoyable to eat. 

But Plantraw's keto kale chips have solved that problem. These chips are mixed with several other ingredients that give the kale a much tastier flavor profile. For example, you can find ingredients such as salt, almonds, monk fruit, and smoked paprika in these chips. 

Combined, these ingredients allow these chips to have a delicious and savory flavor. But what about the benefits of the kale itself? The first thing you should know about kale is that it is rich in vitamins and minerals that you often can't get from other types of food. 

For example, kale is particularly rich in vitamin K. Vitamin K is very important for healthy blood clotting. If you don't get enough vitamin K in your diet, your blood may have trouble clotting as a result. 

Kale is also full of vitamin C. When you think of vitamin C, orange juice may come to mind. However, if you don't have any oranges on hand, kale is certainly a great substitute as a source of vitamin C.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin C is important for your body because it helps keep colds and flu at bay by strengthening your immune system. Besides that, vitamin C may even help prevent certain chronic diseases from developing. Another important vitamin that kale contains is vitamin A. 

You might not hear much about vitamin A, but it is particularly important for your eye health. Besides that, your bones need plenty of vitamin A to stay strong, especially as you age and your bones start to get weaker and less dense. Vitamin A, much like vitamin C, is also essential for your immune system. 

Without it, your immune system would be very vulnerable and you would be more likely to catch colds and other illnesses. Kale even contains an omega-3 fatty acid. You might think that these acids only come from fish or krill oil, but kale actually is quite abundant in these acids. 

They are important for all sorts of systems in your body. They are particularly good for your heart and some scientific studies seem to show that omega-3 fatty acids are great for preventing heart disease and high blood pressure. They may even keep bad cholesterol levels low as well. 

Last but not least, kale is full of certain minerals such as phosphorous and potassium, which are necessary for healthy brain and muscle function. You might be surprised to know that kale has so many benefits, but after all, kale is considered a superfood, so it isn't so surprising that it is so rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Other Facts to Know About Keto Kale Chips

You might already be sold on all the benefits that these keto kale chips have to offer, but there is still more information you should know about them. In particular, you should know that these chips are dehydrated. This is what makes them crispy instead of mushy or otherwise unpleasant.

Besides making them crunchy, the dehydration process also increases the lifespan of these snacks. Usually, kale and the other ingredients in these chips would spoil relatively quickly when left in their natural states. But when the ingredients are all dried out, there is no excess moisture that would leave them susceptible to spoiling. 

This is ideal if you tend to take your time when snacking on things. Even once you open the bag, the chips should still remain crispy for a long time, and you shouldn't have to worry about the chips spoiling before you can get around to eating them. The fact that the chips are crispy also makes them quite versatile. 

What to Know

Some people like to crumble up their chips and sprinkle them on other types of food such as salads or mix them with other snacks. You can, of course, also eat the chips on their own since they are already quite tasty. Keep in mind that the health benefits of these chips aren't isolated to only the kale either. 

For example, these chips are full of sprouted almonds. What are sprouted almonds and how do they differ from regular almonds, you might ask? As the name suggests, sprouted almonds are nothing more than almonds that have sprouted as a result of being soaked in water for a period of time. 

However, this simple sprouting process makes the almonds much more nutritious compared to regular almonds. This is because sprouted almonds are full of extra vitamins and minerals. What else could you ask for from some simple keto snacks?

All About Keto Kale Chips

If you're following the keto diet and don't know what snacks to eat, keto kale chips may be the perfect solution for you. These chips are very low in carbs, making them very keto-friendly. Besides that, they are full of very healthy ingredients such as kale, sprouted almonds, paprika, and more. 

They are also dehydrated and gluten-free. To learn more about our products, don't hesitate to contact us here.

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