Dates? Keto? Really???

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The ketogenic diet requires minimizing carbohydrate ("carb") intake to no more than 50g a day (some practitioners put this figure at 30g or even 20g), to get the body accustomed to burning fat instead of carbs. 

Dates, like many other fruits, have a relatively high carb content, which will interfere with this "fuel conversion."

For those who are in the stage keto adaptation, we recommend filling this narrow carb allowance with nutritionally-dense, fiber-packed raw foods like veggies in general, and green leafy vegetables in particular. These will provide important phytonutrients and fiber. The latter is crucial for gut health, especially while maintaining ketosis (which relies on fiber-poor foods).

Keto dieters who have come far enough to start introducing healthy carbs other than veggies, and who have grown tired of tasting of stevia, agave, and erythritol, will greatly benefit from our cocoa-date truffles. Raw, our truffles contain intact vitamins, polyphenols, and fiber, as well as 0g refined carbs.

Because of their fiber content, dates don't cause the kind of blood sugar spike that refined sugars do. Instead, this fiber serves as a prebiotic substrate for the micro biota populating the digestive tract. 

Our truffles are as nutritious and close to nature as a cocoa-based treat can possibly get. In contrast, conventional chocolate is often Dutch-processed, cooked, and loaded with refined sugars.

In recognition of our truffles' healthy, unrefined nature, the Paleo Foundation awarded them the Keto Certification (see

According to the Paleo Foundation, the organization that issues the Keto Certification, for "products which contain minimally processed, whole-food ingredients or ingredients with reduced digestibility, 8g net carbohydrate per serving is permissible". Our truffles contain 7g.

So, as a clean, filling snack, absolutely, our truffles are a fantastic option for keto dieters who are ready to introduce some regular fruit carbs.

Shop here for our truffles. You can also try our Raw Crisps™ crackers (keto-certification pending). And, if you already accomplished your diet goals, try our vegan ice cream alternative, Ice Crage™, which also contains 0g refined carbs and no sweeteners.

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  • You make it sound keto friendly, it’s not, you should qualify your statement to read those who have reached their goals. But for this People wanting to continue to loose weight with 20 net carbs are less, per day should not be eating these.

    Carolyn on

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