The Building of Our Production Facility

During our initial couple of years in the market we received customer feedback that was so consistently strong and encouraging that we decided to build our own factory.

After searching throughout northern and central New Jersey we found the right place: An industrial space that had been used to manufacture mattresses, relatively clean, without any chemicals, large enough to house our machinery, and not too far from New York City.

Our search had taken longer than we expected and our machinery started arriving before the facility was built out.
Our machinery started arriving - truck

With no extra storage space, we would have to work around the packed machines and move them back and forth from different parts of the facility as we fitted it out.
Our machinery start arriving

Working around the boxed machines

We started assembly as soon as we could while working on the space.

This would be our future production area.

Starting assembly while fitting out the space


After many months of work we finally finished the facility.

This is the packing area today.

Packing area finished

In the production area we moved from a Robocoup...

Robocoup a bowl cutter...

Bowl cutter

...and assembled other production machinery, like our depositor...

Assembling the depositor

And then, after passing all the required inspections and obtaining all the required certifications, we finally started production...

Ice cream production