About us

I have always prepared for myself simple date treats without sugar or sweeteners (like stevia and agave), and couldn't find such snacks in stores.

Friends and family absolutely loved my creations, kept asking for more, and were telling me that I should consider selling them in stores. Since I cared a lot about health and wanted to improve other people's lives too, this was exciting feedback, and I decided to follow my newly-found passion and start this business.

My first product was the cocoa-date (or “chocolate”) truffles.Our cocoa-date ('chocolate') truffles


When entering new stores I would do "demos," giving out samples to introduce the product and hear what customers had to say. I wanted to make sure I was delivering an excellent product that customers would love, and so I implemented requests and suggestions, like size and additional flavors.  
Our cocoa-date ('chocolate') truffles and their ingredients


Over the years I have developed additional products: The Ice Crage™, a vegan ice cream alternative, and Raw Crisps™, a raw, almond-based, vegan, keto-friendly crackers. These are also fiber-rich, gluten-free, kosher, with no added sugar, and the crackers are low glycemic.

Ice Crage™ (thus called because it’s all the rage) is now in stores in the New York tri-state area, receiving rave reviews and eager spoons dipping. 
Ice Crage™ - our vegan ice cream alternative - in stores
Our Raw Crisps™ are in production trials, and will be launched soon.
Raw Crisps™ in production trials


Dates have been an important ingredient in every one of my products. It has felt wasteful just throwing away their seeds, since I was sure that they were a good source of nutrition.

I decided to roast and brew them, like coffee or tea, and send the beverage to a lab. The results confirmed my assumption: These seeds were rich in antioxidants and other nutrients. So we have been accumulating these seeds and will be launching our date-seed coffee in the next few months.

We are continuing to develop new products. Among other things, we are now working on a new line of keto-friendly, vegan ice cream alternative. We’ll make sure to post on it as we approach completion.